Resting On The Boulevard

Resting On the Boulevard

Album Notes

Thank you for letting yourselves in, mi casa es su casa, the bar is open for all, leave your bikes outside.

Production and performance of all tracks by Carlos Franco except where indicated.

A brief description of the menu:.

Casi Me Levanto 
This song was specifically written to be the Opening Title. The lyrics were inspired by comments people posted on the authors wall after watching video that played the song verse. The intention behind the song is to bring some good vibes to the listener.

Let Me Roll it
A classic McCartney tune. I decided to put it together with the chorus of Oh Darling since but songs are similar in style and feeling. It sounds a bit like a demo but I like to be indulgent with myself when giving a go at the drums.

Just a Pawn
This is one of those retrospective song when turning 40. It’s based on reflections of TV commercials from the 80’s to our days. Compra Alcohol y Shampoo remains a marketing phrase. Apparently toxic beverages and beauty products are one of society’s favorite escapes. Two invited Bassman helped me out with this song. Flavio Guzmán and Joel Quintero, both melodic in different and fantastic ways. A challenging task picking up which parts of which player should be on the final take. I hope I chose wisely.
Credits: Flavio Guzmán and Joel Quintero on bass.

Aprender a Amar
A song written and sang by Omar Garcia, a great cinematographer with whom I formed my first band back in my teenage years. The song began a ballad but after some discussions became a ska number. I basically sat in the producer’s chair and helped Omar in recording his first song after nearly 25 years.
Credits: Omar Garcia on vocals.

This song is some kind of tribute to late David Bowie, a mystic guitar atmosphere was built around the melody which speaks about demons and angels playing together. I thinks is intended to reflect the eternal antagonism that in the end forms part of the same. Masculine-Feminine, Black-White, etc.

Lost Stars
A rendition to Adam Levine’s hit with young Mexican talent Paola Romero on vocals. As somebody once said: “A ballad or two have to be part of an album”. This time a motion picture song took place.
Credits: Paola Romero sings most of the song.

Parece que Va a Llover
Being a motorcycle lover, I decided to pay some tribute to one of the most famous motorcycle scenes in Mexican cinema. Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar sang this Cuban song while riding their bikes in their transit cops roles. This time I wanted Parece que Va a Llover with a rock pop taste.

No Matter What you Are
I have always been a fan of the unlucky Badfinger. This is my favorite tune, I added some changes to the verses and of course invited two bassist that play in different parts of the song: Alejandro Lozano and again Joel Quintero. Exciting teenage flavored song to sing vocals thinking about younger days.
Credits: Alejandro Lozano and Joel Quintero on bass.

This song was born out of a jam session with guitarist Roberto Gutierrez. I took the melodic parts of it and added lyrics, I wanted it to sound a bit like the Doors with a catchy chorus. The guitars played different roles on the song, one of them with chorus and the other one with heavy overdrive.
Credits: Roberto Gutierrez, chorus and overdriven guitars.

Other Life
A lyrics based on a romantic story of lovers never meant to be but feeling happy about it. I was looking once again to write a sixties pop ballad.

With Joy
I wanted this album to close with strength, I pictured some bikers driving in the rain when I decided to write it. The lead guitar had to be played by a biker/rocker whom is no other but Lain “Demonart” Vargas, pay attention to the soaring guitars along the verses.
Credits: Lead Guitar by Lain Vargas.