Love Her Way

A ballad writtten for the author´s wife roughly based on Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The harmony follows a simple I-V-vi-IV chord progression on verses. The rythmic base was designed on the ryhm guitar playing that progression.

Time was taken to calculate how long it takes to create a song. The time described were taken during 4 sessions.

Session1 :The drums were rehearsed  for 3 hours and recorded in 1 hour plus 30 minutes for mic settings.

Session 2: Guitar, vocals and keyboards were recorded in 2 hours with a contribution from Hector Vudoyra on ryhtm guitar. Bass was later recorded in 20 minutes. The whole recording took 7 hours and 20 minutes.

Session 3:2 hours were investid in mixing and

Session4: 1 hour for mastering.

After 10 hours efective time the song was finished.

Time one takes to create a song does not necessarily make it good or bad but it is interesting to see how fast can the author work.



Carlos Franco: Director and Producer

Hector Vudoyra: Photography and Mixing

José Luis Guevara: Recording and Mixing

Saúl Reyes: Camera Asistant



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